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Should the MOT change? The Government thinks so…

The Government has announced a proposal to consult on extending the time allowed before the first MOT of a vehicle’s life from three years to four – known as the 4-1-1 system. While some motorists may think this is a good idea, there is ever-growing evidence that the increase of faulty and potentially dangerous cars […]

You, Your Car and the Cost of Living Crisis

For many people, having their motor by their side is a necessity. With inflation on the rise and a new survey reporting that motorists last year (2021) spent £803 fixing their vehicles, some drivers may worry that they will be unable to afford to fix their car if it breaks down or needs repairs. We know […]

Top Tips for Saving Fuel

As of March 2022, BBC News revealed the price of fuel across the UK has risen to £1.50 per litre as the cost of oil rises. With the increasing cost of filling up your tank, Trust My Garage has some top tips on how to drive economically and make your MPG go further – check them out […]

All You Need to Know About E10

New to the wheel? Confused about E10 and E5? E-10 fuel – you’ve heard all about it, but do you know what it is and how it could affect your vehicle? What is E10? E10 is a petroleum fuel that is now the standard grade fuel across the country. It is more renewable, greener and […]

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