Give Your Car a Spring Clean with Trust My Garage

Give Your Car a Spring Clean with Trust My Garage

Published on: 13/05/2022

With the sun starting to shine and spring finally in full force, it’s time to make your motor shine with some well-deserved TLC. Here at Trust My Garage, we have some top tips for giving your car its spring clean.

It’s bigger on the inside

Your car may look simple to clean internally and whilst a quick hoover and dusting will do a great deal, it will leave some areas in your car untouched. Ensure that you hoover everywhere in your car, including the hard-to-reach bits in between your seats and under your car mats.

When did you last clean your car mats? For rubber mats, you can simply shake them down, then douse them with a car shampoo or washing up liquid before grabbing a brush and scrubbing them clean. You can then rinse them off with a hose or high-powered jet wash to make them fully clean before leaving them out to dry.

Remember to think first about the cleaning solution you are using as it may make your car mats unsafe and slippery.

Obviously, jet washing your carpeted car mats is not an option, therefore some carpet cleaner and a brush goes a long way. Simply spray the carpet cleaner and brush out any stains or dirt before leaving the car mat out to dry, but always follow the instructions on whatever product you choose to use.

When removing your car mats from the car, you may notice wet patches underneath the carpet from the winter. This might be a sign of water penetration, which can lead to serious problems. In this case it’s always worth having your car looked at by professionals at a local Trust My Garage member, who will locate the source of water and rectify the problem for you.

Cleaning the outside of your car

Over the winter, your car may have collected mud, dirt and dust that has stuck to your car. Not only will dirty windows, mirrors and lights reduce your ability to see and be seen when driving, dirt can damage your paintwork and even lead to rust, so don’t put off cleaning your car any longer!

All you need is a good car shampoo, bucket and sponge, alongside a hose or jet wash to wash it all down after, if you don’t have a hose or a jet wash you can always use a watering can!! Parts of your car that are typically missed during a car wash tend to be inside the alloys, and the door shuts and inside the petrol flap on your car – be sure not to miss these if you want your car to look pristine.

Of course, if you don’t have a driveway, cleaning your car can be a bit trickier. Arm yourself with some change and visit your local petrol station; chances are they have a hoover and a jet wash for you to use.

Wheels tend to be the dirtiest part of the car as they have contact with the road and kick up dirt. A simple bristly brush and some car soap, or some wheel cleaner, will make your car wheels and alloys shine. Whilst cleaning your car tyres you should check their pressure and tread, as your tyres may have been through a lot during the winter.

Waxing your car

While waxing your car isn’t essential, it provides protection by creating a barrier between your car paint and the outside world. Rainwater in particular can affect your car’s paint as it is full of pollutants that can stick to the paint causing damage; if you have wax on your car, rainwater runs off faster and therefore allows less time for pollutants to stick to the paint.

Refresh your senses

Once your car is clean, treat yourself to a new air freshener. There are plenty out there with a variety of scents to revitalise your senses – just make sure nothing is obstructing your view of the road.

According to Air Pro, some car air fresheners have an impact on your mood and help reduce stress whilst being stuck in traffic.

Carry out some essential checks

Whilst carrying out some essential checks on your car is not strictly speaking cleaning it, it is good practice to check that your car is well maintained and in roadworthy condition after the harsh winter weather.

Spring is the perfect time to replace your windscreen wipers as they’ll have been almost in constant use during the winter and therefore, more likely to be worn and damaged, chances are if they judder during in use, they will need replacing.

Brakes should also be checked. You should ensure that your brake fluid is at the correct level, as low brake fluid can be a sign of excessive brake wear or fluid leak, have the brake discs inspected and measured as well as checked for pad wear.

Batteries have to work much harder during periods of cold weather, so old or depleted batteries may need to be replaced. If your battery is over three years old, you should get it checked before any issues arise.

Have your car serviced at a local Trust My Garage member

These checks will play a vital part in your car’s overall wellbeing, and although you should get into the routine of carrying out these checks regularly, there’s no substitute for having your vehicle looked at by a professional.

A Trust My Garage member will ensure that your vehicle has not been badly damaged by winter weather conditions and is safe and fit for driving during the new season.

Visit the Trust My Garage website to find your nearest member.

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