It’s Time to Book Your MOT Early

Published on: 04/08/2021

As we are beginning to see the easing of lockdown and things getting back to a new sort of normal, it’s all too easy to forget the things that have changed. Back in April 2020 many vehicles were given a six-month MOT extension to ensure that those needing their vehicle to deliver key services, were able to do so, whilst feeling safe and staying mobile.

The knock-on effects of this six month extension to MOT’s is that these MOT’s are now due in October, November, and December, on top of the vehicles that are already due to have their MOT in the same period. This, as we saw last year, will again create long lead times and high demand for MOT’s in the last three months of the year. We are also seeing that many people no longer have their Tax, MOT and motor insurance all due at the same time, making it likely that the out of sync MOT may get missed at worst, or forgotten about until the last minute at best, causing frustration and potential long delay for MOT appointments, or even vehicles not being able to be driven if their MOT expires before an appointment can be arranged.

With Brexit and the effects of COVID-19 working hand in hand, garages have experienced a delay in parts coming through from the EU and have also experienced financial and staff losses due to COVID-19.

This caused a backlog, which has then consequently clustered and caused ‘peaks’ and ‘troughs’ in MOT demand throughout the year.

But how does this affect my next MOT?

It is expected that in September, the number of vehicles needing an MOT will rise by 16% and up to 29% in October. If your car has an MOT due in the coming months, it’s worth thinking about booking your MOT test early, so your garages can meet demand and guarantee your MOT spot. You can book your MOT up to a month early while keeping your renewal date the same.

If you leave it to the last minute, you risk not being able to have your car MOT’d in time for when it is required, which consequently means your car is undrivable. Driving without a valid MOT is illegal and you could face consequences such as a fine up to £2,500, three points on your licence and of course, the obvious danger, that your car may not be roadworthy which could you, your loved one and other road users at risk.

This ‘peak’ MOT testing time could potentially last years, meaning it may become the norm to book your MOT sooner than you are typically used to, you could also re-align your vehicles MOT to its original date, making it less likely you will forget it, if it aligns to your tax and insurance renewals

Help your garages help you and your motor by booking early.

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