Spring Driving – Keeping Safe in your Motor with Trust My Garage

Spring Driving – Keeping Safe in your Motor with Trust My Garage

Published on: 04/04/2021

Spring is well on its way across the UK, but it can lead to changeable weather conditions – so how can you ensure you’re driving at your best for the conditions? The Trust My Garage blog is here to help!

Clear Out

Before setting off your journey – be it short or long – take time to clear out any accumulated items in your vehicle, such as winter coats, scarves or bags that kept you warm during the coldest period. By reducing additional weight in the vehicle, you may be able to help improve your fuel economy, which will put a spring in your step!

Pay Attention

With the weather getting slightly warmer, once you’re on the road you will find more people will begin to either walk or bike to work, so be sure to be alert for passing pedestrians and cyclists while driving.

If you want to brush up on the rules of the road, you can read the Highway Code in full here – or read our “Highway Code – How well do you know the rules of the road?” blog post!

Wear some Shades

If you’re driving to and from work, you’re probably going to encounter a very low sun. This means glare and reduced visibility, so be sure to take your time and try to spot any potential road hazards well in advance.

If you know it’s going to be a sunny journey, try to position your vehicle’s sun visor to keep your eyes in the shade. You can also wear sunglasses if you feel they’re necessary – but if you wear prescription glasses, make sure your sun lenses have an up-to-date prescription!

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Although it may be getting warmer, there is still a chance of some inclement weather! April showers are no joke, so don’t let them make a fool of you. Check out our “What to do when… you’re driving in wet weather conditions” blog post for some great tips on making sure you’re driving safely when it’s wet outside.

Stay Cool

Air conditioning is a boon as the temperature rises, but it contains a special gas which can slowly leak away. If you want to keep cool when it’s warm, you’ll need to ensure your air conditioning system has plenty of gas, with no holes in the pipework.

Many local garages offer air conditioning re-gas services – and many Trust My Garage members even list the service on their online profile! Type in your postcode here to find your nearest member and see what they offer.

Visit a TMG member

After the government’s MOT extension during the coronavirus pandemic ‘lockdown’ in 2020, it may be a good idea to re-align your vehicle’s regular MOT schedule by booking in an MOT at your original time. – so if your vehicle normally has an MOT in May but didn’t until October 2020, book an MOT in May 2021 to re-adjust the yearly schedule.

This can help you avoid the onset of extra MOT tests in September, due to other motorists who utilised the extension – and help ensure your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition! If you need an MOT or a service this spring, make sure to take it in to your local TMG member or other nearby garage to get it ready for the road.

If you’re looking for a reputable, local, independent garage you can head to the Trust My Garage website and use our handy ‘Find a Garage’ map to locate your nearest TMG member, operating to a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved code of conduct.

Since 2016 Trust My Garage members have all operated to a strict Code of Conduct, which has been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) – the national body for trading standards professionals. Trust My Garage is currently the only CTSI backed code exclusively for independent garages, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a firm that is determined to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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