Why Choose a Local Independent Garage?

Why Choose a Local Independent Garage?

Published on: 04/11/2021

Finding a garage you can trust and rely on can be a worry. MOT demand is currently at an all-time high due to the six-month MOT extension that occurred as a result of the pandemic in 2020. This raises the question, where is the best place to get my car MOT’d?

It’s not just when we need an MOT that we are faced with this question, it’s when that ‘check engine’ light flashes at us or when your vehicle needs servicing. Where do you go when your vehicle starts to fail?

Ultimately, you’re left with the choice of an independent garage business or a dealership – which one do you choose?

Supporting your local business

Your local independent garage is here to support your local community and keep your vehicle roadworthy, and you’re likely to have one around the corner as opposed to a dealership, which may be some distance away.

When you choose to take your vehicle to a local independent garage, it goes without saying that you’re supporting a local independent business and your local economy. According to the Independent, for everyone £1 you spend at your local independent, 56p goes back into the local economy. If the average MOT costs £40, when you attend your local independent, that’s approximately £22 put back into your local area.

Investing in your local independent garage also helps to sustain local careers and create careers for future generations. Who knows, one day your child or someone you know could be working there.

Excellent customer service

Choosing an independent garage for your automotive needs means you’re paying for a service where you get that added personal touch.

At a main dealer you are more likely to hand your keys to the receptionist, not the mechanic. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it leaves little room for you to discuss any of your concerns or questions.

When you drop your vehicle off at your local independent garage, you’ll more than likely speak directly to the technician who will fix your car, who has more time to chat with you and allows you to ask questions about your vehicle – there is no ‘middleman’ so to speak.

Local customers are the life blood of local independent garages and your custom is vital to their survival. They grow their businesses by relying on your word of mouth, to pass on their good company name. You can be assured that when you are visiting an independent garage, it will be important to them that you and your vehicle are looked after, and they will do everything they can to give you confidence in the services they provide.

Better value for money

Independent garages are generally greater value for money! The average hourly rate at an independent garage tends to be lower than that of a main dealer. A Labour Rate study from the Independent Garage Association conducted in 2020 found that the average labour rate charged by independent garages was £47.47 an hour. According to AMM Online, a nationwide survey of 6,000 garages found that franchised dealers were typically charging an average of £99 per hour, a massive difference of £51.33.

Despite the difference in price, independent garages have access to the same technical information, vehicle parts, and industry training as main dealers, so you can be confident that your local garage can carry out work at the same level as dealerships without invalidating your vehicle’s warranty.

In fact, all Trust My Garage members follow the TMG ‘Code of Practice for Service and Repair’, and commit to our Customer Charter, so giving you the peace of mind that  your nearest member will work to the highest standards and have up to date technical information, techniques and tools.

How do I find an independent garage I can rely on?

You can find an independent garage that you can trust in a few simple steps. Simply visit the Trust My Garage website here: https://www.trustmygarage.co.uk/find-a-garage and type in your postcode! With over 2,900 member garages nationwide, you’re never far away from a TMG member.

When you’ve found your nearest trusted garage, you can view their profile, give them a call, email them, access their website, or request an estimate.

Unlike comparison websites, you can contact garages directly through the Trust My Garage website. This means you get to build a relationship with your local garage and discuss your vehicle with them from the outset.

About Trust My Garage

Trust My Garage members are the best of Britain’s local garages – every member is dedicated to giving their customers the best service and working to the highest standards.

All the garages in the Trust My Garage network are members of the Independent Garage Association, which is part of the Retail Motor Industry Federation, one of Britain’s oldest motor trade organisations. If you want to find out more about Trust My Garage, visit our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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