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Best Motoring Practices – Knowing When Your MOT and Service Is Due

When your motor goes wrong, it can feel like the end of the world, so taking the time to carry out basic care practices will ensure your motor is looked after, lasts longer and remains safe throughout its lifetime. Here at Trust My Garage, we’re putting together a series of Best Motoring Practices Guides to […]

Car Care for Spring – Best Practices

With the days getting longer and the sun starting to shine, we can officially declare that winter is behind us! Now is the perfect time to get on top of your car’s maintenance; with the warmer weather comes day trips and holidays that we need to prepare our motor for. It’s important that you look […]

Should the MOT change? The Government thinks so…

The Government has announced a proposal to consult on extending the time allowed before the first MOT of a vehicle’s life from three years to four – known as the 4-1-1 system. While some motorists may think this is a good idea, there is ever-growing evidence that the increase of faulty and potentially dangerous cars […]

Does your local garage deserve a pat on the back?

Has your local independent garage always stood out to you for going the extra mile? Do they provide you with a memorable experience and excellent customer service when you visit? The Independent Garage Association, (IGA), has now opened entries for customers to nominate their local independent garage for the prestigious ‘Consumer Choice Award’. What are […]

Trust My Garage – Booking Made Easy

Welcome to Trust My Garage, home of Britain’s best local independent garages. You may have noticed that our website has recently changed and now offers brand new booking features, so we’re here to explain how you can make the most of the new site, and show you how easy it is for you to find […]

You, Your Car and the Cost of Living Crisis

For many people, having their motor by their side is a necessity. With inflation on the rise and a new survey reporting that motorists last year (2021) spent £803 fixing their vehicles, some drivers may worry that they will be unable to afford to fix their car if it breaks down or needs repairs. We know […]

Interested in Owning an Electric Vehicle, but Feeling Unsure About Where to Start?

Trust My Garage member Matt Cleevely, Managing Director of Cleevely Electric Vehicles, shares his advice on the most common questions and concerns people have before purchasing their first electric vehicle. “The future is electric” is what we have being told for the last few years, but is it? As a workshop owner I started my […]

Give Your Car a Spring Clean with Trust My Garage

With the sun starting to shine and spring finally in full force, it’s time to make your motor shine with some well-deserved TLC. Here at Trust My Garage, we have some top tips for giving your car its spring clean. It’s bigger on the inside Your car may look simple to clean internally and whilst […]

Top Tips for Saving Fuel

As of March 2022, BBC News revealed the price of fuel across the UK has risen to £1.50 per litre as the cost of oil rises. With the increasing cost of filling up your tank, Trust My Garage has some top tips on how to drive economically and make your MPG go further – check them out […]

Caring for your Car in the Winter

With the UK well into winter and frost prominent across the UK, are you taking steps to ensure that your car is well maintained and safe during the cold months? The Trust My Garage blog has some handy tips to help protect you and your car this season! Do I need Antifreeze? Antifreeze stops the […]

Why Choose a Local Independent Garage?

Finding a garage you can trust and rely on can be a worry. MOT demand is currently at an all-time high due to the six-month MOT extension that occurred as a result of the pandemic in 2020. This raises the question, where is the best place to get my car MOT’d? It’s not just when we need […]

All You Need to Know About E10

New to the wheel? Confused about E10 and E5? E-10 fuel – you’ve heard all about it, but do you know what it is and how it could affect your vehicle? What is E10? E10 is a petroleum fuel that is now the standard grade fuel across the country. It is more renewable, greener and […]

It’s Time to Book Your MOT Early

As we are beginning to see the easing of lockdown and things getting back to a new sort of normal, it’s all too easy to forget the things that have changed. Back in April 2020 many vehicles were given a six-month MOT extension to ensure that those needing their vehicle to deliver key services, were […]

Helping Your Teenager onto the Road

Ready, Set, Go! As we enter the post-pandemic world, things are beginning to open once again, and we find ourselves resuming some sort of normality. This includes driving tests and lessons. Your teen may have been waiting enthusiastically to take over the driver’s seat or they may have been dreading the day – no matter […]

DVLA Services Online: Third Party or Not?

We all know that filling out an official form, especially online, can be something of a daunting and complicated task, but it is something we all may need to do from time to time. That is why it is important that when the need arises, we exercise caution. Below is some guidance for when you […]

New Tyre Labelling – What does it mean for Motorists?

As of 1st May 2021, tyres now have a new labelling system to help motorists understand how well they perform in different conditions. Want to know more about how the system works and how it could affect drivers? The Trust My Garage blog is here to help! What changes are being made? According to, the changes […]

Spring Driving – Keeping Safe in your Motor with Trust My Garage

Spring is well on its way across the UK, but it can lead to changeable weather conditions – so how can you ensure you’re driving at your best for the conditions? The Trust My Garage blog is here to help! Clear Out Before setting off your journey – be it short or long – take […]

Know Your Speed Limits

The UK’s road network has a range of road categories with different widths, rules and speeds – so how can you ensure you’re abiding by the speed laws in each? Trust My Garage is here to help, so read on to learn more about speed limits across the UK. How many speed limits are there? […]

Prepare your vehicle for the New Year with Trust My Garage

With the imminent arrival of the new year, it’s important to get your vehicle ready for the New Year – but what steps can you take to ensure you’re motoring happy over the next 12 months? The Trust My Garage blog is here to help! Read on to find out what you need to know. […]

Trust My Garage – 5 years of Consumer Codes approval for independent garages

On 20th October, Trust My Garage celebrated its 5th anniversary of being a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Consumer Code – but what does that mean when you visit a TMG member garage? Read on to find out! What is Trust My Garage? Trust My Garage is a collection of Britain’s best local garages – […]

Keep Your Vehicle Safe and Roadworthy with Trust My Garage

Rising road traffic volumes across the UK has the potential to lead to increased chances of an accident – but how can you keep yourself and your passengers safe and your vehicle roadworthy? Find out with Trust My Garage! According to Department for Transport (DfT) statistics, in 2019 car traffic hit the highest-ever figure of vehicle […]

Do You Know the Law Regarding Your In-Car Gadgets? Find Out With Trust My Garage

Although many vehicles now offer in-built technology such as sat-nav, upgraded sound systems and changeable cabin lighting options, motorists can still opt to adapt their in-car experience to suit their needs and preferences. The range of technology on offer for drivers to put into their vehicle is wide-reaching, but it is key for motorists to […]

Planning a Summer Staycation? Get Your Vehicle Holiday-Ready with Trust My Garage

This year, global circumstances are affecting many UK residents’ plans for a summer holiday. Instead of waiting until the world is turning again, some people are opting for a stay-at-home holiday this summer – often referred to as a “staycation”. Staycations are a great opportunity to explore parts yet unknown across the UK, and with […]

Keep Your Vehicle Germ-Free with Trust My Garage

During the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of keeping clean has been highlighted in every aspect of daily life – so when it comes to your vehicle, what are the best ways to keep the germs at bay? Find out with the Trust My Garage blog by reading on! In a survey of 1,000 drivers, 38 per […]

Make Your Motor Happy This Valentine’s Day with Trust My Garage

The UK has a long-standing love affair with motoring, and has even created some of the most iconic car brands to grace our memory! With this in mind on Valentine’s Day, Trust My Garage has put together some advice on how you can show your vehicle you care – read on to discover more! Check […]

Visiting a Garage for Vehicle Maintenance

With 47% of UK drivers worried about the cost of unexpected vehicle repairs, you’re not alone if you aren’t sure what to do when you need to visit a garage! With drivers spending an average of £574 each per year on car repairs, it’s important to know the best way to go about getting your vehicle into […]

Don’t Get Spooked About Vehicle Maintenance this Halloween with Trust My Garage

October 31st is coming and it’s the spookiest day of the year – Halloween! Not only is it time for ghouls and ghosts to make an appearance, it’s also time to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming cold winter months. Want to know how? Find out with the Trust My Garage blog by reading on – […]

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